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What is meant by CVT?What is the use of CVT?

When you go to market to buy a car then there are lot of options of cars which you can buy.From the all features of cars,its specification and facilities each car has its own feature and its own facilities.In today's life most of the peoples are buying the car which has automatic transmission due to its popularity and it is becoming popular in the market.In the market an increasingly type of transmission is the Continuously Variable Transmission(CVT).

In this type of transmission there are many new factors which are different from other transmission system.Now let us see What is meant by CVT and What is the use of CVT?

What is meant by a CVT?

The difference in other transmission system and the Continuously Variable Transmission(CVT) is in their Construction.

The other transmission Systems also have automatic transmission but the CVT is different from all that transmission systems.

The CVT is a automatic transmission system which changes continuously at the timing of shifting the gears.Means at the time of shifting the gears the Ratio of gears changes.

In the CVT there are two pulleys which are connected by the steel bands and the main thing is that the diameter of the one pulley is changing every time with respect to the other.

So it is able to change its gears variably in each time.

It is also known as the single speed transmission.

The Continuously Transmission System is  a Complex system .

The CVT is used in the Hatchback Car and in the Sedan Cars also.

In regular cars you want to apply gears in a sequential manner that means if you shift the first gear and after that you want to shift the second gear then there is fix path to shift the gear but when you use CVT system you don't want to shift the gears in a particular way.

You can change the gears in Variably means it is not like that the regular cars.

So this is the main thing of the Continuously Variable Transmission system.

What is the Use of CVT?

Compared to the other transmission systems the Continuously Transmission System Uses less parts at the timing of the Manufacturing of it.

As it require less parts to manufacturing obviously it requires less cost for it.

As it has one pulley which changes every time there is no any difficult at the timing of shifting the gears and also you doesn't feel any jerk at the timing of shifting the gears.

As the cost of CVT is less the cost of vehicle is also less but the vehicles which has CVT that car's price is less.

The Continuously Variable Transmission system is more efficient and is very easy to use.

When you use this system the power is also maintained as it requires less power.

When you drive the car you don't want to apply any efforts to drive the car due to use of CVT in the car.

When there is use of CVT in the car,the car takes good acceleration and the acceleration stack keeps good.

These are the use of CVT in the cars.

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